Healing: Our Inner World Changes Our Outer World

 A few weeks ago I was talking with a client before her Clarity Breathwork session. I was checking in to see if she had noticed any changes in her life after her last breathe. The first thing she said was “Music sounded so amazing for three days after that last session.”

Breathwork, Reiki and Healing Touch treatments align and organize our energy fields. When we are centered and grounded, we experience our world differently. Our perception of music, pitch, and acoustics can become more sensitive when we are in balance.

I realized this many years ago in my healing practice.

Before every healing or breathwork session, I organize the room and set the energy specifically for each client – as if preparing for a ceremony.

I select the sheets, pillows, water glass, and sage that each client prefers. The temperature of the room is important; Some people like a warmer healing space, others like a cooler room. Music is always a large part of this process and is usually playing when the client walks in.

I cannot tell you how many times I have started a healing session, and as soon as I ground into the session I would suddenly become aware that the music was WAY TOO LOUD.

It was startling. How could I have set the music level at such a high volume? I had been so careful. This happened over and over. I am much more sensitive to sound when in the healing state. Clients often have the same experience.

I have always found this fascinating. Our perception of the world shifts as we come into balance. Our inner world changes how we hear our outer world. You can hear it. 

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, Distance Healings and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm. 510-601-9632

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  1. With gratitude and appreciation for all that you do to raise the consciousness of Love in all you encounter each day! You are a Being of Light and Love.

  2. That is so true Jeri the healing room is such a sanctuary and I can’t tell you the numbers of people that when they lay down on the table take a big sigh of relief and say they have been waiting for this time. The Guides assist me with just the right music, scents, and crystals to use. Thank you for putting into words and sharing these things that we do so automatically.

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