Anxiety and Healing Part 2

There appears to be a lot more energy moving on the planet now. Everything is in transformation: some things are rapidly breaking down, and other things are healing incredibly quickly. I have witnessed some miraculous paradigm shifts in the last six months. 

As an energetic practitioner, I am seeing clients, a few who I have been working with for years, opening up to new levels of energy in their bodies. In general, this is a good thing, yet a sudden increase in energy can at first be experienced as anxiety.

When I ask people to feel into the physical sensation of anxiety inside their body, they often describe it as a surge of heat or overwhelming force.

Imagine your body’s energy as water, and picture that energy moving inside you within pipes as big as a garden hose. Then imagine if the volume or flow of that water significantly increased inside that hose. Initially, that would feel very uncomfortable, maybe even scary, until the pipes expanded and adjusted to the larger water flow.

One thing that has helped many of my clients adjust to the rising level of energy is exercise. Twenty minutes a day of sweat-producing cardio exercise – such as Zumba, using an elliptical trainer, or dancing – really helps the physical body relax into these new levels of energy.

Healing Touch Practitioner Janna Moll describes what has been occurring in her healing practice below. Janna Moll, MSN, HTCP/I, LMT is the founder of the Heart Healing Center, Inc. (HHC) and Energy Medicine Specialists (EMS) in Highlands Ranch, CO.

“In my client practice, I am noticing more people stating having issues of unease and feeling under pressure.  Some state they feel ‘ready to blow’.  I treat a lot of practitioners in my practice, so primarily these clients are doing a fair amount of self-care already (which we know keeps a person in balance through challenge better). They are noticing this pressure building and it isn’t far-fetched to see that it can be tied to the tensions and discord in the world at large.  The news, our government, and beliefs around decency are being bombarded on a daily basis. Remember: As goes the world, so go we. The new clients I have are often stating that they just can’t ‘get by’ anymore as they are having physical symptoms related to stress such as ‘hearts racing’, or ‘insomnia’, or ‘depression/anxiety medication not working as well’.  For those with a racing mind (called the Monkey Mind as it jumps around continuously) or overwhelming emotions, getting into the physical body through exercise can release the building pressure.

Other grounding/movement opportunities exist that have been shown to be effective as well, such as gardening, breathwork, and FAR infrared saunas.

Classes in Energy Medicine may be an effective alternative to ‘going it alone’ as it puts one in community and teaches self-care techniques. Both are big advantages in this trying time!”

Janna’s Energy Medicine classes (which include all levels of the Healing Touch Program) are extremely valuable for everyone at this time. I took the Advanced Chakra Diagnosis and Treatment and it significantly deepened my understanding of energy healing.

So, the bottom line here is exercise and community are wonderful allies in “high energy” times.

See you at the gym!

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California.
She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, Distance Healings and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm. 

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  1. Hi there. Great post. I keep up with a couple of blogs and also weekly astrology that talks about specific energy shifts that are happening. It makes clients feel a bit better once they hear that their experience is part of a bigger picture. Being out in nature is a remedy for many energetic maladies and it’s simple to do. I use a walking Qi Gong practice called Fragrant Qi Gong that does not require focus on the energy. As a matter of fact the preference is to just do it without thinking about it. This may work for the “monkey minded” who benefit from something the mind can focus on. Lastly, I find that sometimes when people/clients are undergoing rapid transformation the energetic field cannot expand rapidly enough to contain the larger energy flow through the body. Check in with clients energy and see if they can benefit from you manually expanding their field for them. Just a few thoughts!

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  2. Vivian, THANK YOU for these wonderful ideas and I so appreciate you sharing them with us. Fantastic! I often find that my client’s energy fields often expand spontaneously once they are grounded too!

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