Distance Healing: A Testimonial

I would like to share a testimonial from a client:

“Hi, Jeri,

That session was fascinating!!.  There are vast spaces where I cannot remember what happened, although it seemed I was in conversation with someone or something.  At the start, I felt my hands get hot and tingling.  Then I was drifting.  I became very aware of pain in my chest over my heart, mostly when I took a deep breath.  This was merely puzzling.   I then felt/saw a claw, like a backhoe, excavating my chest.  No pain. Dark muck and a little ‘monster’ (whom I know well) were being removed.  Everything in my chest was clawed out until there was only a white, glistening backbone.   I ‘realized’ that I did not have to befriend all the darkness in there, it could simply be replaced with LIGHT.   More drifting, my head flooded with light, then an abrupt wakening. Like the boom of a door shutting.
‘Huh’, I thought, then checked texts.  You had written 1 min prior.
I feel much more centered and grounded!
Thank you!  Thank you!!”

Sometimes there is a lot of tangible activity experienced in a healing, and sometimes there is just peace. There are times when my client falls asleep right away and wakes up when the session is over. Every session is so different and brings us exactly what we need at that moment.


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