Energetic Healing and Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is an essential life skill.

It is how you balance and manage your emotions, thoughts, and actions to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Self-regulation helps you achieve overall life goals and aspirations.

Self-regulation is the difference between eating a whole bag of potatoes chips when you are upset instead of maintaining a healthy diet. It’s the difference between yelling at your partner instead of calmly talking through a problem that has upset you.

Self-regulation is something we each do every day with varying degrees of success. Anxiety, depression, binge eating, and self-medicating can happen when there is a lack of effective self-regulation.

You can learn to self-regulate more efficiently by receiving Healing Touch and Reiki sessions. There are so many energetic meditations, practices, and tools!

As an Energetic Practitioner, one of the many energy patterns I might find in a first session is that I am working with a person with a high abundance of life force energy in their physical body.

This is a good thing… Who doesn’t want more energy? Yet, self-regulating so much energy can be tricky. An overflow of energy can be experienced as anxiety.  It can be overwhelming and make my client feel edgy, nervous, overreactive, and even like they may be having a panic attack.

When I work with clients with this energy signature,  I often recommend daily exercise to help them self-regulate this energetic gift. Yoga is very helpful in keeping the body’s energy flowing and grounded. Running, going to the gym, or hiking can also help these high-energy people feel balanced and clear.

Energy work can help us live better and enjoy life more.

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, and Clarity Breathwork sessions Tuesday through Friday starting at 4 pm and all day on Saturday. There will be some construction outside her office for the next few months, and her hours will be shifting with the flow. 


510-601-9632  jerilawson@mac.com

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