Client Testimonial For Clarity Breathwork After Traumatic Accident

“Jeri Lawson is a gifted healer. I might even describe her as magic. However, Jeri is very much the real deal, and I’m very lucky to have her in my life. I have been seeing Jeri since 2013 for Reiki which has made a profoundly positive impact on my life and well-being.

She recently suggested I try Clarity Breathwork after being in an incredibly traumatic pedestrian accident to help alleviate trauma and lingering physical pains. I feel safe and supported in her presence. She holds space for me while I transport to an altered state of consciousness. This is a safe space where I physically and emotionally feel the presence of spirits from beyond the veil there to heal and support me. There can be moments during Breathwork that feel intense, but Jeri is there for you in just the right way.

Although she explained the benefits I might experience from Breathwork, I did not expect the results to be so swift and mind-blowing. The pain in my lower back is gone. My outlook on life’s challenges is lighter, and I feel grounded. Our sessions are highly spiritual and emotional. I leave each session feeling more connected to myself and everything around me.

I’ve incorporated Clarity Breathwork into my life’s toolkit, and I look forward to our next session!”

  • – Jihyun Kim

Thank you for this testimonial, Jihyun. I am so happy to post it and share how healing Clarity Breathwork can be after a car, bike, or other accident. Over the years, I have witnessed many people heal physically and emotionally, often finding a closer connection to spirit after a such and overwhelming and tramatic event.

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, and Clarity Breathwork  Monday through Friday. 


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