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Self Healing

A great way to learn about energy is to get a healing. A tangible, practical experience of what energy work can do for you.

There is so much energy and support available to every one of us all the time. All we have to do is tap into it. Many things in our world appear to be breaking down, yet energy is moving faster than ever. I am witnessing more people healing from diagnoses and conditions that used to be considered… well, ‘unhealable.’

I began showing people how to support themselves energetically because it was so helpful for clients healing from cancer. Doing a daily self-chakra connection is profoundly comforting, calming, and empowering.

Many of these clients went on to learn Healing Touch, Reiki, and other modalities in established accredited programs. Several have become very successful practitioners in their own healing businesses. Most people have integrated hands-on healing into their self-care and meditation practice with beautiful results.

I tend to think of myself as an energetic jump-start teacher.

If you are interested in learning how to heal yourself and even learn how to heal others, schedule a session. I will show you a few simple meditations and techniques to jump-start your self-care practice.

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, and Clarity Breathwork  Monday through Friday. 

510-601-9632   jerilawson@mac.com

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