Research: The Use of Healing Touch in Integrative Oncology

I would like to share some research about energy work supporting people with cancer.

“Growing evidence supports the potential benefits to patients with cancer when the best conventional care is combined effectively with complementary approaches (Deng & Cassileth, 2005; Deng et al., 2007). Patients want more information about the potential benefits of complementary therapies; in addition, they believe access to those therapies should be included in standard cancer care (Coss, McGrath & Caggiano, 1998).”

The Use of Healing Touch in Integrative Oncology by Laura K. Hart, RN, PhD, CHTP/I, Mildred I. Freel, RN, MEd, CHTP/I, Pam J. Haylock, PhD, RN, and Susan K. Lutgendorf, PhD

This in-depth article was written for oncology nurses describing the integrative use of Healing Touch in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation for cervical cancer patients. It can be downloaded from The Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI). Warning: If you go to the CHI website you may be there for hours. It’s fascinating.

The Use of Healing Touch in Integrative Oncology is a dense and informative article. There is even a breakdown of several Healing Touch techniques – magnetic connecting and clearing, chakra connection, liver drain and mind clearing – and how each technique benefits the patients.

There are many interesting ideas in this article that I could write about, but that would make a very long post. I will just note here how the article defines of words “complementary” and “integrative.”

“Referring to alternative modalities as complementary indicates that they are being used in conjunction with conventional therapy. When the modalities are considered integrative, they are being incorporated into the care delivery of the medical system.”

I think I will be using the word “integrative” quite a bit now – especially when manifesting a world vision of energy work becoming readily available in our medical culture. Yes!


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