Healing: Living Differently

Receiving a series of Clarity Breathwork, Reiki or Healing Touch sessions will often change how you live in the world. As you become more energetically aligned and grounded, your consciousness naturally expands. These inner changes transform how you perceive your outer world.

A client who has been receiving monthly healings for the last two years told me about a moment when she became aware of this shift.

“I was playing a friendly game of cards with my husband, and I was losing. Then I realized I was playing the old way. I started playing differently, and I started to win.”

She didn’t have to explain to me what she meant by “differently.”

Differently meant playing kinesthetically, instinctively, fully present in the moment, thoroughly engaging both sides of the brain. Differently meant intuitively, not just thinking about what the best card to play next is, but sensing it with her whole being. Differently meant flow-hacking. Playing differently requires much less effort. The difference in playing the “old way” and “differently” is a very profound, yet subtle shift in awareness.

She said “differently” was much more fun.

.Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California. 
She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, Distance Healings and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm. 

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